About Us


From birthday gifts to anniversary gifts! From Diwali gifts to Rakshabandhan gifts! Our team helps you make the occasion special with our gift ideas. At Gift Mate, we offer you the amazing gifts to give to your loved one.

Who Are We?

We are a group of individuals who have worked in retail sectors for years. Many of them have experience in gift retail sector dealing with products of brands like Fern N Petals, Archies and IGP. Through the Gift Mate, we bring you their expertise, so that you find the right gifts for your family, friend, or colleagues.

You name the situation, event or occasion, and we have the best gift ideas for it. For every event, we offer the best possible products that would make a perfect gift. Before suggesting it to you, we do the necessary research and testing to make sure the product is of the highest standard and serves the purpose of a gift.

Who We Want To Help?

Who We want to help
Who We want to help

With experience in gift retail sector, we know how confusing and frustrating it is to find the “Perfect Gift.” In our experience, people think about gift giving as the mere exchange of physical object. More expensive the gift better it is. But the fact is gift giving is another way of communicating your feeling to another person. So if you find the gift that represents the feeling, that’s your “Perfect Gift.”

We want to help people who want to express the feeling to their beloved ones. You tell us how you feel, and we will suggest the best possible gift that represent the feeling.

How We Select the Best Gifts?

How We Select the Best Gifts

Our team does extensive research and testing on the product before we suggest it to you. The way we do it is with the help of experts and seller we choose a group of products that are unique, best selling or popular for the particular occasion, event or situation. Once we have the product, we begin our testing process, and after we have the results, we make a list of the best products. To give you an idea here is our step by step process.

1.Product Acquisition

Our first step is to consult the experts and find the best possible products that make the best gift for the given occasion. And with the help of the seller, we acquire these products.

2.Find The Test Parameters

Once we have the product, the next step is to determine the test parameters for the product. These parameters may include, quality, value, durability, versatility, etc.


Now the actual testing process begins. We mostly test the product in our lab, and if outdoor conditions are required, we take the test outside. We use best equipment and tools to measure the results of the tests. Sometimes we go to an extent of creating a new tool just to test a certain product.

4.Expert and Customer Feedback

Besides the test, we value what the expert or existing customer think about the product. For example, if the product is related to fashion, we hire an expert who has years of experience in fashion. And for the customer feedback, we contact the customer who currently owns the product we are testing. These views and reviews are also considered in the final analysis.


Finally, we analyze all the data we accumulated during the testing phase. Also, take the expert views and customer review in to account. During the analysis, each team member scores the selected products. After calculating the overall score, we sort the products into a list best five, six or seven out of all selected products.

Have Some Suggestion For Us?

Have Some Suggestion For Us

If you have any suggestion, feedback or a new idea about the gift that we should test, feel free to contact us.